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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 26, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> a bed bug outbreak in baltimore. >> if you are a sleep they bite you. >> why the problem is so bad now. and the effort to get rid of themmthat can make things worse. >> murdered on the streets of baltimore. >> he could not hang in there. >> what a johns hopkins student was killed ovvr andda family member that heard it,. >> he should be the raven's new star athlete. wwat sergio kindledo did to himself that would keep him from ú%owing up at training camp. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jenniferrgilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. two people are behind bars, suspected in the murder of a johns hopkins researcher.
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here is a look at the man and woman that police arrested. 34-year-old john wagner and 24-year-old lovell lamerritt, both with criminal records. crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us how stephen pitcairn died in the arms of a stranger. >> two days before his 24th birthday, stephen pitcairn is stabbed on the streets of baltimore. >> he died in his arms. i did wanted to thank himm >> the johns hopkins research asssstant died in the arms of a stranger who agreed to talkkwith hus, as long as we did not show his face and agreed to distort his voice. >> i didn't want him to die alone. and that's why i stayed there. held his hand. you know, told him it would be okay. he couldn't hann in there. >> crime that gripped the charles village community. >> seemed like something really terrible happened. >> angella stevens livee two blocks over from st. aul street where police executed a search warrant in hopes of finding
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evidence and suspects..3 >> it was just something that kind of gave me kind of like a horrific type of fill in. >> stephen said besides police there were othhrs in the neighborhood that appeared to be looking for answers. >> when i looked out. i saw a lot of students walking3 up and down too. i never saw that before. i thought hey they do not live on the block. -> pitcairn was walking ome from penn station last night.ú he had been in new york for the weekend. >> suspects approached hii. asked hhm for money. he turned over his money. and they stabbed him once in the chest. at least once right now. >> at the time police say that pitcairn was on the phone with his mother who lives in florida. she listened as the attack unfolded. unable to do nything to protect her son. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well that stashing in harles village is one of three murders in baltimore over the weekend. another one happened in east
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baltimore last night. car shot in the head on lan orn court at east oliver street. pronounced dead a short tiie >> we have breakkng news inn3 harford county tonight. 28-year-old man was shot on meadow drive in dgewood aaout 8:30 this evening. he was taken to shock trauma and is noo in critical condition. no word right now on exactly how it happened. >> a woman abducted froo a house in hanover early this morning has been found. tonight police have one arrest. but the search continues for two more men. with one witness's frightening story of what happened. keith? >>well, jennifer, first off the woman is safe tonight. the abduction happennd in a house behind me. and at first people thought the3 were the victims of a home invasion, but soon they3 discovered they were caught in the middle of a violent domestic dispute. >> cleta said it happened inside
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of her home t began with an overnight knock at the door. >> i was freaking out. >> then an intrusion, that violently disrupted the peace. gram's friend, was in danger. >> i wws just terrified for her saffty. that's all. gram said her friend sherry lane, had been staying with her for the past week. hiding after a fight with her ex-boyfriend. arundel ounty police say his name is roy thomas. gram said somehow thomas was able to find lane. he showed up with two other men, just before dawn, early monnay morning. angry, looking for lane. >> they attacked another one of my house guusts. sprayed him with pace,,put a gun to his head. ransacked my hhuse. went inside of the room where my baby was sleeping, and proceeded to pull her out by the hair of her head and force hee into the car.3 >> at the time of the abduction, pollce felt lane was, in their words, in imminent danger.
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>> based on whht happened aa the house, individual came in, three suspects, assaulted somebody, targeted tte viccim. individual they assaulted was at gunpoint. >> by 4:00, the search for lane, who is back with her family, and the suspect, her ex-boyfriend >> they tracked the cell phone. she was using is cell phone. they were able to track it somehow. and they called me anddtold mm that he was in custody. >> well, again two other men remain on the run. police are working with vague descriptions of the suspects tonight. they say anyone with information about this case shouud contact arundel countt police. we're live now in hanover, keith >> thank you, keith. >> one firefighter is taken to the hospital after battling a fire at ome in arundel county. flames broke out around 9:00 last night on race road in dorsey. the house was totally engulfed when firefighhers got theree and they had to call for backup. there were reports of exploding
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ammo in the house. >> the fbi is asking for your help to find this man. investigators say he robbed two wacovia banks in baltimore. one on pratt street today.ú investigators say he claims to have a bomb and will blow up the bank if the teller does not cooperate.ú if you know who heeis, call police. >> well, two ssparate police pursuits ended in deadly crashes over the weekend. now many are questioning the city's no chase policy. and wondering if it would be tested in court. melinda roeder is live from melinda? >> >> both incidents are being but a city police officer has been suspended for his role in one of them. and there could be more fallout >> i mean, i am still waiting for him to walk through the do tackle me. do wwatever. it is ard to get over that right now. >> jeff snow recalls his friend and former football teammate as3 an easy going guy.
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haynes holloway williston graduate before graduating two died after the motorcycle collided with a police cruiser. it was the end of a chase that started nnar 83 in the city and ended in the county at 695 and delaney alley oad. >> this officer was out of his jurisdiction. far outside of it. and we need to figure out what happened and why it happened. >> police say the officer violated the city's no chase policy and his supervisor told him to stop. he has been suspended. >> iiheard it was called off. i just starttd to get mmd. >> but the officer thought the bike was stolen and claims the driver was speedning a chase with a car. and when he tried to makeea stopp holloway sped ff. his best friend is not reallyy3 surpriseee.3 >> if you on't speed on a why would you get one? everybody speeds. not surprised he was. the surprise is that i don't think he was racing like they say he was. >> now the case is still under investigation. anddit has potential tooend up
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in courr. >> i think, lawsuits are aaways likely. in circumstances such as this. >> attorney steve alan said a ccvil case could call the no chase pooicy into question. thattstates officers shoull not chase vehicles unless there is significant risk to life. >> after the fact, particularly in a circumstance like this, where there are fatalities, what we do then is judge the conduct of the officer, by the factors. >> now, in a separate inciddnt sunday downtown police tried to stop a suspected drug dealer, but that's when he sped off. tyrone hicks hit three police cars with his truck before the pursuit was called off. then he smashed into another car, killing a 25-year-old woman from virginia. now the no chase policy was actually put in place to try to prevent crashes like that. >> live from police headquarters tonight. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you melinda. >> that brings us to the question offthe day.
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do you agree with the city'' no chase policy. so far 25 percent say yes. and 75 percent say no. and joe writes on our website. i think, if laws are being broken, then the police should have the right to chase. but jack writes. it is end result is what happened in this case. just take the tag number and find the person later. >> well go to and let us know what you think. you can sound off on facebook. you can send us a tweet tweet@foxbaltimore. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and we will hear more responses >> well violent storms caused0. damage across he state last night n including this situation where a tree fell on top of a inside. %-county.ed in prince george's tree came down on rhode island avenue in beltsville. two people were in the minivan. 44-year-old michele killed. and friends remember her as a very generous person. >> and she came ver and gave me
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a blanket as a gift. and that meant a trrmendous amount to me because it was her child's favooite blanket and she gave it to me. >> very generous? >> very generous ann kind. can and she wassa good person. >> 64-year-old woman was also inside of the caa, she was take3 to the hospital. no word on her condition tonight. >> and those storms, also left thousands of people in the dark3 as john rydell reports, crews are still working overtime to restore power. >> for utility crews, it has been a long and frustrating day. restored. all of those broken tree limbs must be removed from the power lines. the weekend storms moved uickly and ferociously catching many offguard. >> honest to god like a tornado went through. even large ones, a lot of the branches broken off. and they were covering the roads. there was a lot of debris. >> with no electricity, the
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davidson market deli forced to across the street, landscaping office of omesteed gardens was open. but inside, it is dark and quiet. -> more of an inconvenience. we have nn phones, no computers. but we were able to get ur work crews out to service our customers. >> and because damage from the storm is so wide spread. utility officials say it is the power will bb restored. >> 80 percent of davidsonvilleú had no power. this is the longeet weehave been without it. >> bge officials say if your power is not back on yet it will probably be by tuesday. and to some residents that's okay. >> we were lucky. today is a nice day. people without power oday. lucky today is not that bad of a day. >> aaundel county.3 johnjohnnrydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> there are still quite a few people without power from the storms last night. most of them in arundel, and prince george's counties. >> well if you have pictures of
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%-news, just see it, shoot it,ng send t. go to foxbaltimoreecom and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. and you can also send pictures directly from your cell phone to open trainnng camp. the ravens are dealing with some troubling news regarring their top draft pick. sports director brrce cunningham joins us with more on this story tonight bruce? >> linebacker sergio kinnle remains in an austin, texas hospital. he was involved in a bizarre accident, in which he fell down two flights of stairs last thursday. and he is hurt badlyy today we learned hh has a skull fracture and will miss all of training camp. and the regular season could be in question as well. given the nfl stern policy on head injuries. coach john harbaugh said it is a tough blow but they have no they have to move forward. >> the guy gets hurt you move onto the next guy right awayy we will prepare without sergio, so putting together your team,
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because he is not out there. same as if he is not out there. same as with injury. we are prepared to play without him. -ain thing is hhalth. taking care what have he needs to to be okay long-term. >> more on kendall condition and opening f training camp at 10:50 on "sports uulimited". >> a bed bug problem in baltimore. the other places you can find them in your home, next on foo 45 news at 10:00. >> jobs, joos, jobs. it is a mantra, not aaway of thinkkng. >> the biggest topic among voters and cannidates. closer look at the job creation numbers, later on at 10:00. >> and new study said health care reform could save maryland millions. i am michael uczyner and the if health care reform costs us. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> beautiful cooditions out there today. around baltimore.
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plenty of sunsh
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>>well, you know thh saying, sleep tight do not let the bedbugs bite. in reality, bugs are biting big time. as kathleen cairns reports, the city's 311 center has been inundated with complaints. >> crime is not the only concern in cherry hill right now. >> because of the bugs. >> they are hard to see. >> if you are asleep. they bite you. >> it is a bed bug infestation, and she has the bites to prove it. >> i have had bites o my legs. >> last yeer baltimore city
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health officials had 83 complaints about bedbugs. so far this year, 446 complaints. >> but just in the past year alone, we have a six fold increase. >> hhalth department s not sure why there has been a spike in ú%dbugs. but. >> let's say you went on a business trip, come back and they come back in your suitcase, block. >> bugs are not just in a bed. >> it is impprtant to be mattrees, baseboards, sofas, picture frames, believe it or not. electrical eeuipment. telephone, tv. we will find bedbugs there. >> exterminators find steam to kill them and say over-the-counter pesticides can3 make it worse. >> bombing your home is the worst thing to do. because you push them into the3 walls. and it will be hard to get rid of hem. >> back in south baltimore. teresa wonders how fast it will sppead? >> i believe truly it is an epidemic and it will get worse. >> rrsidents here do not want to be sleeping with the enemy. >> in cherry hill, kathleen
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cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, baltimore is the first city o receive a $250,000 grant from the epa. for pest management. to help deal with the bed bug problem. >> the baltimore city school ceo speaks out about the investigationninto a dramaticú drop in test scores at one cityú elementary school. in question, maryland state assessment scores from abbotts son elementary in baltimore. last year they had high scores, this year a dramatic drop. city asked the state to look dr. alonso said do not judge tto quickly. >> sometimes i think we need to move further to be sure. in the meantime there should be no presumption of guilt. we are doing what is right. which is to make sure that there is no shadow of a doubt. >> reading scores at the school dropppd in some cases by as much as 50 percent. there was also a significant
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drop in math scores. >> new poll showed the race for governor in maryland is a statistical tie. the congal less poll surveyed 800 voters. according to the poll o'malley got 45 percent and ehrlich 42 percent. with the margin of error at ú%at's a tie. among independents, they are tied att39 percent. overall 8 percent say they are undecided. >> stay wiih fox 45 news for the latest on the race for governoo. on the vote 2010 icon. in the news features section. >> well, numbers released today, show the federal health care reform plan could save maryland taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. michael buczyner is here now with why not everyone is painting such a healthy outlook. michael? >> jennifer, four months since president obama signed the health reform legislation into
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law. now the state of maryland has a plan that will ensure more people and save millions. >> iijust want to welcome. >>you out of the health department office in east baltimore. >> now clear president obama historic health care reform is not going to only improve health of our country. but our financial well being as well. >> blueprints for health care reform in maryland are handed to governor o'malley. -> this report, as i say, is our workplan, for the next five months ahead aad interim report from the maryland health care reform coordinating council said reform will save the state $829 million over the next 10 years. and cut the number of uninsured residents in half. lieutenant governor anthony brown is a co-chair of the council. >> these savings will bb realized by reduction uncompensated care. elimination of the high-risk pool. and higher federal match in the program.'s health inssrance >> whennyou try to tell me hat obama care will save the people not going to happen. >> and there is concern on both
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sides of the aisle about the %-maryland will afford health ce reform. whhn theefederal government %-20/20.s financial support in hide the act that after 10 will exceed the savings associated with healtt care reform. >> paying more into medicaid immediately. >> down's report warns that the state must keep down costs early in order to improve the outlook responsible forrpicking up the entireetab for the newly insured. governor o'malley said mproving quality of care and eliminating redundant tests will make paaing the billlpossible. >> it remains for us to determine whether this costs us more at the end of the 10 years, or whether we're able to bring those cost curves down. >> now, recent report by the health and human services departmeet found health care reform will actually iicrease the nation's health care tab and could lead toorun away costs.
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10:00. >> thank you michael. >> it appears to be one of the biggest leaks of information in military history. 90,000 documents bout the war in afghanistan. posted on the website wikileaks, %-dealing with things likeents operations, logistics and sources, from 2004 to this year. and the -- founder of the website said the documents reveal possible war acrimes. >> the cover up, of the sorts of crimes, begins at the bottom. >> they claim to be going through these documents, to render judgment about whether or not anything inside could harm u.s. forres. it comes to making those juddments? >> the penttgon s trying to find the source of the huge leak. tonight on the "late edition", what the documents reveal about %-taliban. connection to the >> shop owners in baltimore are bottle tax. distributors started to charge
10:24 pm
stores ffr it today. members of the stop the baltimore city beverage tax ú%ined together today to express disappointment and frustration. go outside of the city to avoid the tax and hurts small businesses. and the city council went about thinns tte wrong way. >> we are truly struggling to survive. somehow the city council, must have some idea ttat we are making millions of dollars, and all they have to do is reach in3 and take things from us, that they aveepromised to people that they now cannot fulfill the promises. so they will steal from me to do that? i have a problem with that. >> well the tax charges 2 cents per container, and is expected to raise almost $6 million for the city. >> well, much needed break from the heat today. chief eteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the first forecast. >> beautiful day out there %-to start off the work week. plenty of sunshine. h.d. radar shows no precipitation to talk about.
10:25 pm
it looks like relatively quiet and clear onditions. as we scan the sky, with thee3 radar. but it looks like putting in motion. why the closest rain is. south of us. a lot of activity south. and you can see a lot of showers and thunderstorms over the carolinas, over georgia and deep toward mississippi and alabama. just south of tennessee, a little heavy rain there. but it looks like what we will see is drying conditions up here. high pressure which allows for us to be dry through the day. now what is going n, is 82 in baltimore. 80 in d.c. 77 in hagerstown. overnight tonight mainly ccearing onditionn for tomorrrw. looking at 87 degrees ffr lunch nice warm cooditions. so stay dry for another day. humidity back in play mid week. and maybe thunderstorms to talk about in the seven-day forecast. >> why this terrible disguise for a bank robber, a wig, fake breaats, was not the thing that led to the arrest of this man. thatts llter on fox 45 news at
10:26 pm
10:00. >> job creation,,creating joos. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, it is a mantra. mantra. >> the biggest topic of the by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
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be months away but the governors race is heating up.ú and if you paid any attentionnto it there is a common theme. jobs. in tonight's cover storr.ú maryland. and our 2010 election coverage for the record.., >> in towns large and small, across maryland. there is a constant from one candidate campaigning to keep his job. >> this is about jobs. job opportunities. job creation. creating jobs. 50,000 jobs. this is about jobs. >> governor martinno'malley's campaign has found its focus. >> we have created 40,000 jobs, net new jobs in maryland over theelast four months. >> jobs, jobs, jobs is a mantra. it is not a way of thinking, it slogan. >> it appears that jobs constitutes one of the most sealient matters about which
10:30 pm
voters are concerned. >> the concerns are backed by numbers from the bureau of labor statistics that shows 40,000 jobs established in maryland since anuary of this year. >> we need to continue to create jobs every month. >> but o'malley's challenger, robert ehrliih, sees 200,000 americans out of work as a bigger problem and he is pointing fingers. >> misplaced priorities for four %->> i think most of the jobs created have nothing to do with o'malley. but everything to do with the federal government hiring new people. >> of the 40,000 jobs created in the last six months. 44 perrent, or almost 18,000, are labeled gooernment jobs. that inclldes 1200 state jobs. and mmre than 8000 federal jobs. their numbers not so surprising to moss peg, fellow with the public policy institute. >> 3,000,000 jobs lost in the private sector since february oo 2009, so that meanssyou haae a
10:31 pm
bigger government and fewer people working to pay for it. so how does that help the economy? >> those numbers also include census workers and jobs created by the federal government using stimulus dollars..3 which according to economist estimates, cost taxpayers about $287,000 apiece. >> they are an intrical part of the sectorr >> economist seegel said the proximity of the cap to uncle sam are helping to drive up the economy. >> government jobs are good because they tend to be high payingg and good benefit levels and secure. >> but the verdict is still out. on a recent effort by the owe he immediately administratioo, toú help add jobs to maryland's private employment sector. >> none of these things is the single answer. but we have to do everything we can to creatt jobs. >> right ow the state is offering $5000 tax credit for any business that, hhres a marylander off he unemployment
10:32 pm
>> we have never been strong proponents of job tax credit programs. we do not think that they are ssccessful. >> so far the governnr's incentive program has helped 189 people. ú%sttng the state almost a million dollars to help create less than 200 jobs for the private sector. >> you don't hire because becauseeyou get a tax credit but because you have business. >> jobs in maryland, it is a popular theme foo two men, fighting to get their hands on maryland's too job. >> well, maryland's unemployment rate is at 7.1 percent. meanwhile job data shows that of the 1600 jobs, added in june, in marylaad. most are in the private sector. 10:00. look at this terrible disguise. the wig, the fake breasts, but we will tell you the other thing that led to his arrest. >> and the whole new world of apps that could be available to
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your smart phone. if you are willing to take a risk. thatts tonight's "word on the web", after the break. >> and the temperatures out pretty nice. and innthe 80s. and it looks like we will first get through theice 80s boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko.
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on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. >> really was nice today. wasn't it? >> beautiful outside. nice blue skies. >> not as humid. >> not too much humidity. and temperatures felt good. outside. >> i did. >> good for us. >> nice long walk for a change. >> that's what you have to do. hopefully lots of you out there did the same. beautiful day for a walk. you will gettanother one if you didn't get out there today. tomorrow is nice as well. and always nice o have loo humidity levels.
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looking at the radar. inner harboor. %-constellation, japanese fleet, -hips there. kind of dark there. but you can go downtown and visii tte ships. they are here on display. and it looks like you et a there., hopefully to get down 75 degrees right now. broken clouds. winds out of the southwest at three. humidityylevels t 58 percent. high today topped out at 89. and the low was 70 this morning. the record high was 101 degrees back in 1940. so you can see he well away from where that was. normal temperatures this time of year is 87 degrees. so right in the ballpark whereú have we should be. and that is why it fell nice out there today. and continues to be the case for another day. and show you in a minute. and 82 in altimore. 77 in hagerstown. 70 salisbury. so comfortable temperatures. %-kick off the airrconditioning and let in fresh air through the ovvrnight, as temperatures drop. 70s back northwest. cold front fired off he
10:37 pm
atmosphere. creating thunderstorms yesterday. that cleared out that atmosphere. and we have high pressure in place. which allows for us to stay clear for the next couple of days. you can see right now, thunderstorms held at bay over parts of the tennessee valley. down to the carolinas. for us dry conditions for the next couple of days around maryland. looking at the eastern shore. forecast for omorrow. 89 degrees. plenty of sunshine. calm winds. and then around the central portion of the state. much of the same. we ill see temperatures right pleety of sunshine..3 and calm wind out there. so it will feel goodd with the humidity levels still lower. and then it looks like 84 out there in the western portion of the state. maybe a slight chance for thunderstorm working in. and here is what is happening on the future scan.3 high pressure is in place, bringing down the cooler air ahead of the high. and staying dry, keeping moisture to the south. we hhae a frontal boundary working up out of the tennessee valley.3 that is is associated with the low pressure system pushing to the grrat lakes. that will be dragging in the humidity as we gettcloser toward wednesday. -nd we will start to see the
10:38 pm
moisture contact over the state. and continue to see the chances for showers and thunderstorms working the way in. as we get later to wednesday night and thursday. so chance for rain later in the week. and humidity is back briefly. that's tte word. bristle. 75 with clearing skies. tonight nice night. plenty of sunshine. 89 downtown. great day to get out and enjoy. 92 on wednesday. then the humidity works the way back in. thursday a chance for showers and thunderstorms. friday and saturday. mid 80s. plenty of sunshine. pleasant condittons. kicking off the weekend. back to you jennifer. >>well, this guy should be nominated for the worst robbery wearinggall of this, wig, fake breasts, clown pants and toy bb gun he shoplifted from a store. >> he wouud get my nomination
10:39 pm
for dumbest criminal, i think. yeah, definitely different. >> i mean, with the wig on, you still have the face. his black facial hair with a blond wig, definitely different. >> he could have, at least shavvd? eventually they caught him in a parked car covered in dye from an exploding packet. bond.ns in jail on $230,000 >> hackinn into websites or computers is usually against the law. but now the government is okaying breaking into cell phones.3 judy kurtz reveals what this could mean for your phone, in tonight's word wore. judy? >> you are now free to break into your phone. the u.s. government is dropping a law that prohibits unlocking smart phones, called jail breaking. some cell phone companies like apple lock phones to prevent customers from downloading applications they do not approval. now i-phone users can change the phone so they can download apps not from apple, without fear of being fined by
10:40 pm
the government. but cell phone creators can still fight back. apple usually voids warranties on i-phones hacked by owners. and you don't need to jailbreak your phone to get ourrapps for the i-phone and the android. get breaking news and all the info you need to know at your finger tips. search for fox 45 in the app store. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". 10:00. long list of health benefits from blue berries. but there is a specific kind
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>> it is a little barry with a lot of power. researchers say one cup of wild blue berries as all the age and dissase fighting compound for a whole day. they are rich n vitamins a and c that help to fight aging. studies show they help with motor loss and motor skills and is potential cancer fighting powers. >> hugh laurie from house goes from doctor to singer. british actor signed a record deal. he will record an album of new %-ccaracter dr. house plays piao and guitar on the show. >> amazing grace ♪
10:44 pm
>> so will the big easy have the next big singer??3 the super dome hosted auditions for season 10 of american idol. %-shot in front of producers and judges. idol producers say they will take about 100 singers from new >> now the closest the auditions come to maryland is in new jersey.ú -est your voice at the izod center in east rutherford n tuesday august 3.ú wrist bands are handed out. and that starts at 7:00 in the morning on sunday august 1st. you won't be able to audition3 without one. >> ravens' rookie sergio kindle in the hospital in texas with a head injury. what is his tatus for training camp? john rydell gives us an update in "sports unlimited".
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forecast. it looks like we will see another great day tomorrow. ttmperatures topping out around 89. with plenty of sunshine. and then on wedneeday, 92. temperatures cceep up a bit with heat working in from the south. humidity works back in a bit. giving us a chance for shower and thunderstorm wednesday
10:48 pm
night. thursday few showers and thunderstorms. 91. next front pushes through. friday, saturray, sunday, beautiful days w plenty of sunshine with temperatures in ú-and then back at 86 on monday with a 30 perrent chance for showers. and ext day here, will be beautiful as well. back to you jennifer. >> thank you, vytas. >> several ravens players reported to westminster for training camp today. "sports unlimited" to tell ush who won't be there. bruce? >> coming up tonight on sorts sports. rookies, quarterbacks, and select veterans arrived in westminster for ravens training camp. but most of the talk bbwas about sergio kindle. we have the details. and 2-8 on 10 game homestand and it did not get easier for the oriooes. who took on a team that they are winless against this season. and showcase the very best in the plays of the week countdown were they good enough to crack the top 10 list? "sports unlimited" starts right now.
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>> begin the dismal showiig of the orioles this season, baltimore fans are counting the days until the ravens get going. tonight you can stop counting. they hit the field tomorrow. to open training camp 2010. and there was no shortage of wide eyee rookies at the familiar hotel. as veterans reported to training camp ready to hit the field. they all put their lives on hold for several weeks to spend time in the maryland countryside. and john harbaugh likes the isolation. >> kind of a team building element to it.3 a chance to get guys together. with comradery and be around and just be together. more, i guess, more to that than that's important. and that's also what football teams are built on. >> the happy tone of reporting day was dampened by concerning news out of austtn, texas, ravens top


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